by Free Tillman



Going into this album I wanted to create something that sounded pink. I’m not sure why. I guess it was just what I needed at the time. Pink is a color that has a calming effect. Pink is also a color that’s sometimes associated with femininity. While I (and Cam’ron) don’t ascribe to that I idea, there were a few subconscious details that found their way in.

For instance, I named all the songs after female R&B singers. I had the idea to do this about a year ago but for unknown reasons I decided to execute here. Also, most of the singing/dialogue on this album is performed by women. A choice I wasn’t fully aware of until I stared the mixing precess.

Ultimately, Pink is an album that’s contemplative, encouraging, joyous, and most importantly, always there when you need it. Whatever that means to you.


released September 6, 2019


all rights reserved



Free Tillman Santa Ana, California

Free Tillman is a sample based instrumental hip-hop artist based in Santa Ana, CA. Everyone from Madlib & Pete Rock to Neil Young & Joni Mitchell influences him. He started out as a rapper but eventually found that his true calling was behind the boards. ... more

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Track Name: You Ready B? (featuring HEEL)
For 8 years we were told it was time to grow up
Some did but others said that we need to slow up
Take a step back and go back the where we came
Regress and make everything great again

It’s a game and they point shaven and it’s a shame when
the problem is man made and they actin like they made men
They made men bow down for no reason
Then they bow down to men acting like it’s not treason

I need to meditate, naw I mean medicate
Over this we need to break bread like a dinner plate
To succeed they say we need to assimilate
but all they ever did was denigrate while we innovate

We cross the line, they move the goalpost
They cross the line, never that, almost
That’s realer that real deal nil McNeill
And now you thots and slots know how I feel